The Gromit & Kali Show
This is Xander. We know he's a pied, and we think he's a pearl as well. He was an escapee at one time as well. We were picking up some food at out local pet store when the lady asked me if I'd like another 'tiel. She said a lady had come into the store looking for a good home for him, and gave me the number. After talking to the lady on the phone, we went and picked him up. He was living in a ferret cage, his best friend was his mirror, and he had been trained not to bite by being 'thumped on the beak'. He's quite a singer, and loves to wolf whistle. He also has the cutest habit of 'lip synch-ing' any time there's music playing. It's really cute, he bobs his little head and his mouth goes a mile a minute every time there's music on. He's a real sweetie, and he's settled in really well.

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