The Gromit & Kali Show
This is Trinty. She can't fly, due to malnutrition when she was a baby and a very bad clip when she was younger. When we took her in, she was quite a sight. But with love and lots of good food, she's turned into quite a sweetie. She's adventurous, loves to go outside - she even spent an evening watching a thunderstorm with me, and she was fascinated - but her favorite hobby is cuddling with Cliff. She's fearless, doesn't let anyone (feathered or not) boss her around, and she'll eat just about anything you put down in front of her. She'll sit for scritches for hours, if you have the time, and she's quite good at convincing you that you have time for her. She's pretty irresistible when she's being cute, which is most of the time.

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