The Gromit & Kali Show
Here is an assortment of various songs and sounds from our birdies.
They are all in MP3 format. Click the Listen Now! to listed to any of them.
 Description Singer Length Play 
2 minutes of Gromit's Morning Song Gromit 2:00 Listen Now!
Practicing a mixed bag of songs Gromit 1:37 Listen Now!
The 'Happy Dance' song when he's excited Gromit :16 Listen Now!
He sings this when he's sad or sleepy Gromit :49 Listen Now!
Call him a pretty boy and he'll sing this Gromit :02 Listen Now!
Gromit & Susana singing together Grom/Mom :32 Listen Now!
Grom flirts with visitors this way Gromit :40 Listen Now!
Can't stand being left out of a conversation Gromit 1:40 Listen Now!
Pretending to have a cold Gromit :06 Listen Now!
He does this when you make kissy sounds Gromit :11 Listen Now!
Xander on a tirade Xander :17 Listen Now!
A little mellower Xander :15 Listen Now!
Xander being silly Xander :15 Listen Now!
Practicing new stuff Xander 1:22 Listen Now!
Practicing his wolf whistle Xander :16 Listen Now!
2 minutes of Neo's Morning Song Neo 2:06 Listen Now!
Neo Being Silly Neo 1:00 Listen Now!
Practicing bird calls and such Neo :58 Listen Now!
Kali alarmed Kali :01 Listen Now!
She's mad at something Kali :06 Listen Now!
Trin does this during scritches Trinity :16 Listen Now!
The infamous 'tiel mating song Trinity :52 Listen Now!
We all got in on this one Everyone :25 Listen Now!
These are a few of the songs we're working on now. Most of them are
pieces of songs that I've worked on to remove just most of the distracting
stuff, to leave mainly the whistling part. Some turned out better than others.
Andy Griffith(A 'Tiel 'Must')  The X-Files
Winds Of Change (Scorpions)  Patience (Guns & Roses)
Don't Worry, Be Happy  Dock Of The Bay (Otis Redding)
Whistle A Happy Tune  Robin Hood (?)
Bridge OverThe River Kwai
Sweet Georgia Brown (full)  Sweet Georgia Brown - Cut

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