The Gromit & Kali Show
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Cheking Out The Big Lady Gromit & Kali trying to talk Lady Liberty into giving them scritches. Gromit & Kali think Old Faithful's a great shower, but they don't last long enough. Faithful Bath
Gromit & Kali explore the prairie 'Yeah, it's cute & friendly, Gromit, but what *IS* it?' Gromit, Kali, & Trinity, trying to remember what this is. Exploring The Alamo
Mount Birdmore Mount Birdmore, popular cockatiel attraction. Gromit & Kali visiting some very distant cousins. Playing with Penguins
Mystical Tielhenge Gromit & Kali visit mystical TielHenge. The fids think Tower Bridge makes a great playtop!. Tower Bridge Playtop
Exploring Castle Ruins Gromit, Kali & trinity explore some ruins. Floating to the Taj Mahal. Floating to the Taj Mahal
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