The Gromit & Kali Show
Hit The Road It all started with this picture.
I saw this cute little car, and thought it would be so cute with our two tiels sitting in it, driving down a country road. Passed it around to a few friends, and the ideas started rolling in. Next thing you know, I have tons of pictures and ideas, sent in by friends and strangers alike. I've yet to finish even a small portion of them, but little by little I'm getting some of them done. I'll post new ones as I have time.
Meanwhile, enjoy finding Gromit & Kali ( and sometimes some of our other 'tiels as well ) in the strangest places! You never know where they'll turn up next, or what they'll be doing.
Click on any of the thumbnails to bring up a larger picture in a new window.
The Oregon Trail Gromit & Kali exploring the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon Gromit & Kali hitched a ride with this big guy when the wagon broke down. Hitchin A Ride
Network Takeover Gromit & Kali think peacocks are over-rated. Gromit & Kali, underwater explorers extraordinaire! Under The Sea
Adventure At The Capitol "Kali, my dear, I think this adventure was a Capitol idea!" Gromit & Kali try to give ol' Abe some advice, but I don't think he's listening. Abe's Advisors
Gromit & Kali Visit The Whitehouse Gromit & Kali cruise the Whitehouse lawn (The Secret Service wasn't amused). Kali for president! Free millet for all, bigger cages, more scritches! Kali For President
Gromit & Kali go Hollywood Somehow, I think these two will make it big in Hollywood. Gromit & Kali take in a game at Yankee Stadium. Who's on First? Yankee Stadium
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