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This is Neo. He escaped from his home, and wandered into a yard a couple of months ago. I saw the ad on a local internet site, and offered to help. The lady who had him had borrowed a cage from a local vet to keep him in, but wasn't able to take care of him, and he came to stay with us. Although we posted ads about him, no one came to claim him. He's quite a character. He's NOT tame, by any means, and can deliver one heck of a bite (which is probably why no one claimed him), but he has his good times as well, and can be a sweetie when he wants to be. He's a beautiful bird, but not much of a singer, and he seems to want to spend more time in the cage than out. I suspect he didn't have much out time, wherever he was living before, and he wanted nothing but seed for a while. But he's eating pellets and veggies as well now. We're thinking of introducing him to a sweet female 'tiel named Lucky (who was also found wandering), soon, to see if the two of them hit it off, since he seems to be trying to bond to Kali. If it works out they will both be much happier birds. :)
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