The Gromit & Kali Show
This is Kali. She was our second 'tiel. She's close to a year old now, and she was 10 weeks old when got her, aas well. She was NOT tame when we first met her, and in fact, she drew blood a couple of times between the pet store and her new cage at home. But it didn't take too long for her to mellow. She's still not one for scritches, but she'll let you bathe her and trim her wings and nails without much of a fuss at all, and she loves to cuddle (especially with Cliff). She's pretty attached to Gromit, but she seems to be pretty accepting of all the birds, unless she's hormonal. :P She'll eat just about anything we eat, or Gromit eats, but always wants someone else to try it first. She loves to climb, and you just never know where you are going to find her next. Every evening, she'll start squawking really loud, and looking up.. this is her way of telling you it's time to put her up on the ceiling fan for a nap, and there she'll happily sit till bedtime. She's also the first one to check out any new bird brought in the house, it just drives her nuts if she can't go visit the new bird, and she'll happily show them around and make them feel at home.

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