The Gromit & Kali Show
My Pretty Boy This is Gromit. He was out first Cockatiel. He's over a year old now, but he was only 10 weeks old when he chose to let us take him home. He was sitting in a cage with two siblings in a pet store in our home town, and every time we came in, he danced and sang, nibbled on our fingers, and tried to get out of his cage to come visit us. When he came home with us, He suprised us by wanting to come out of his cage, and right up to sit on our shoulders within an hour of being home. He already knew how to step up, and he's always been an incredibly friendly bird. He flies over to visit with almost anyone who comes to visit, and he'll probably sing to you and give you kisses as well. He's a small bird, but he has a big heart, and loves to sing. He likes his pellets, loves his veggies, especially broccoli & carrots, but hates to take a bath. He's especially fond of his girl friend Kali, and he's pretty tolerant of all the other birds as well, but he much prefers human company whenever he can get it. He loves to get kisses on the top of his head, and he'll do almost anything for a long scritch session. :)

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