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Susana Emberg - Graphics & Web Design.
A PhotoShop junkie since the first PC version came out, Susana would forget to eat sometimes if someone didn't pull the plug now and then. She taught herself HTML years ago, as a natural way to share graphics with folks across the country. When she can be pried away from the computer, she enjoys flying kites and spending time at the Oregon coast, reading, and making toys for the 'tiels.

Cliff Emberg
Hardware/Software Guru / Keeper of the Network / Script Wrangler

A self-taught computer nut, with over 14 years experience, there isn't much with computers that Cliff can't handle. From programming in various languages, from Basic to Turbo Pascal and C, scripting in languages ranging from Bash shell, perl, and PHP, working with Operating Systems ranging from DOS through Windows and Linux, Solaris and BSDI, to building hardware solutions for a multitiude of customer needs, he's covered a lot of ground. When he's not elbow deep in a computer, he enjoys Hot Rodding old (and not so old) Chevy's, Sci-Fi (books and movies), relaxing and hanging out with Susana and the 'tiels.

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