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Photo Retouching

All photos sent to us for retouching are returned in their
original condition, along with new copies.
Contact us for prices, shipping address and conditions.

Graphics Samples
Click on the image to see Before & After Images in another window.
  Erma & Frank
A friend sent me this picture taken in 1929. As with most images from that long ago, it had seen better days. I repaired the damaged corner, fixed the contrast a bit, lightened the ladies face so she wasn't in such harsh shadow, and got rid of the grungies in the doorway.
  Carols Family Pic
Another friend sent me this picture. She wanted to use the picture for a family present, but needed one of the people removed - not that they didn't like him, just that he was no longer a member of the family. Took him out and did a few touch ups.
  Aarons Drawing
Our nephew Aaron carried this drawing around in his pocker for a while, then asked if I could clean it up. It was full of creases and wrinkles. When I sent it back to him, he said it was better than the original. :)

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