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Inactive Sites & Other Samples
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  The Candy Castle
I did this site for The Candy Castle a couple of years ago. Was taken down when the hosting ISP went away. This is a screen capture of one of the pages.
  Gothic Class
Screen cap of the menu from my site a couple of years ago, before I did yet another makeover for something cheerier.
A design I was playing around with for a while, but decided It really wasn't what I wanted for my own site. Every time I decide on a makeover of my own site, I play with many designs before I finally settle on something I like.
  Red Dragon
Another design I was playing with for a while. I have a ton of designs on my hard drive, I'm always playing with some idea. Some of them have been adopted by others. :)
Can you tell I'm fond of red?
Definitely not red! Dolphins, anyone? Really pretty, but ended up not being my final choice.
I was teaching a friend how to do some things in Photoshop, and ended up making this as my 'start page' for my browser. Still like the design.
  Green & Purple
A friend wanted some designs in green & purple, not normally my favorite combo, but this turned out pretty nice.
  Purple Dragon
This is the image I started with when I started this site. As you can tell, it's changed a bit, and of course, it's red now! :)
  Hot Pink
Played around with Hot Pink for a day or two, but never got serious with it.
  Wave Rider
Saw this awesome kite in a catalog, had to see if I could turn the design into a web page. It's *really* colorful!
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